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Senior Archives: Heatherton vs Hampton , 16 May 2015
Home Team: Heatherton
Away Team: Hampton
Heatherton Recreation Reserve @ 02:00 pm

Senior Archives: Heatherton vs Hampton , 16 May 2015

Heatherton        4.0-24    5.3-33    5.7-37         10.10-70

Hampton             3.3-21    4.4-28    11.6-72       15.9-99


Goal Kickers: M. Jamieson 2, B. Carroll 2, M. Stuart 2, J. Stone , B. O''Loughlin , S. Masson , C. Tosin

Best Players: , B. O''Loughlin , M. Sauer , M. Bruce , J. Stone , M. Jamieson , B. Carroll

Melbourne Food Distributors Report

A huge day with the annual Ladies Luncheon. The Tunners started well contrary to previous weeks. Gibbs of the Stewie kind was celebrating his 200th game for the club. It was important for the club to show some of the potential of previous weeks. Potential starts with the letter ‘P’ and other ‘P’ words have been used to describe earlier performances. Half time and only a kick in it but the players must have joined the festivities at the Luncheon  as the Hammers slammed on 7 unanswered goals in the 3rd. Brodie was inspirational, marking, kicking & basically dominating. At one stage he kicked, ran forward & roved his own kick. Jesse Stone continued his great form for the year. Newcomers in Brucey & Jake Holland acquitted themselves well and ‘Sticks’ (Shaft) also battled hard. Clint pleaded with the guys for a big effort in the last and to the player’s credit they responded but it was too late. Doveton this week and the players will need to bring a 4 quarter effort to ensure we take the points.


Rick Butler Market Gardens Reserve Report

Some matches are 8 point games. The two’s had one last week. At 2:2 it was essential to go 3:2 if finals were to be a real option. Wiz was pretty excited after birth of his 2nd child and was showing plenty of ‘Pacey’ around the ground. At one centre bounce there were 4 big reds. Someone yelled Sauce and utter confusion reigned. Josh Hammill was controlling the air and looked dangerous at either ends of the ground. Griffo was providing a target & the defence held firm. The First Lady wasn’t happy with the Prez donning the boots when there was a Ladies Luncheon to host. Even more unimpressed when after selling candy on the wing he kicked out on the full. Overall it was a great win which has the boys knocking on the door of the 5.


Paving 2000 Netball Report 

Our seniors bounced back with a 16 goal win. D2 lost by 3. D3, 4 & 5 all had good wins.


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16 May 2015


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